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Green Soul Gives Back

One thing about Green Soul, we're gonna give back to our communities.

In the black community, it's said that if one person makes it, we all make it. So we look out for each other–always. It's rapped about in songs, mentioned in acceptance speeches, and often discussed in sports documentaries. But we don't wait till we get rich to give back. It's not always the actors, rappers, and athletes; we give to the church and return to our community as teachers, nurses, and coaches. We do what we can, when we can.  

In 2016, when Massachusetts voters approved the legalization of recreational weed, our CEO Taba Moses got to work right away. The process of getting Green Soul started was 

complex, to say the least. The pandemic halted some of the business moves, but it didn't stop us from getting started on our charitable causes. The Green Soul Foundation is dedicated to ensuring people of color have the tools they need to contribute to the growing cannabis industry and benefit from the burgeoning exchange in cannabis-based goods. 

But that's not where our charitable work ends. In 2019 and 2021, GS hosted Thanksgiving turkey drives, distributing turkeys throughout Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville neighborhoods. In 2020 we collaborated with Cookies Social Impact on a turkey drive, again giving out turkeys in Boston and Cambridge neighborhoods.

It is beautiful to use a substance that was once used to criminalize us to build us up. There's no denying the war on drugs, which started during the Nixon administration, had a detrimental impact on minority communities. Just last week, President Biden passed one of the largest clemencies in a generation, pardoning thousands who had been convicted of marijuana possession. 

From the beginning of this process, Taba could foresee the opportunities cannabis could afford our community. Richard Harding, President of the Green Soul Foundation, has been influential in addressing structural racism in Boston area education, employment, and policing. Mr. Harding founded and collaborated on numerous initiatives to improve the lives and opportunities of black and brown communities in Massachusetts. Richard runs the Men of Color Health Initiative of the Cambridge Public Health Department; works as a consultant for CambridgeWorks, a job training program. He is clearly the right man for the job. As Tabas long-time friend and business partner, it was a no-brainer to have him step into this role. 

The foundation of Green Soul is built on community, and it's only right we build up our community. Stay tuned because we are just getting started!